The Image Must be Striking


With mobile phones hyperactive today we are inundated with photographs on a daily basis. To stand out from the mass of images vying for our attention, the first characteristic of a good photograph has to be its stopping power. The image must have the capacity to grab the attention of the viewer and force him to notice that this particular photograph is exceptional. The image must stand out visually from others and be able to engage the attention of the viewer so that he is touched and moved by that photograph. It must be striking.



The subject itself can be attention grabbing, for instance this hood of a cobra. It spells danger and automatically creates a reaction at our sub conscious level.




The dark threatening face of a langur framed by its light coloured fur has a simple colour scheme of black and white. The close up removes the normal cuteness associated with the monkey family, to focus attention on its body language of threat and challenge. The bared yellowing teeth add to the impact.



Uniqueness of the subject can provide added interest to a viewer as in the case of this blue crowned pigeon. Its form and colours are intriguing. The elegant expression of nature is mesmerising and captivates our attention.



The gaudily coloured costumes worn by this bachelorette party out on the streets to celebrate the marriage of one of their friends, who has worn the veil, are obviously eye catching and bring a smile to the face of the viewer.