Born in a remote village on the banks of the Saryu River in the Gangetic belt of Northern India in a landlord family, I grew up in close proximity to the local wildlife consisting of fish, tortoises, river dolphins, migratory ducks, deer, jackals, wolves and so on. However, soon enough, I was transported to the city of Lucknow for a ‘proper’ English education. Thereafter moved to Chennai for graduation and to Delhi for post graduation in Political Science.

Passion for wildlife photography and trekking in the Himalayas was put on the back burner in pursuit of bread and butter and ultimately became a taxman. Presently, as an officer of the Indian Revenue Service, I am posted as Commissioner of Income Tax at Mumbai but remain a ‘professional’ wildlife photographer.

The term ‘professional’ here is being used not in the normal connotation of being the source of my livelihood (there is in fact zero commerce), but as being opposite to an ‘amateur’. Photography is a serious pursuit for me. Married and with two grown up sons, now my family accompanies me on two or three, typically week long, wildlife excursions every year. That is all the actual time I can pull out from my alternate responsibilities of being a taxman.

Equipment Used

Camera –

Nikon D800 – for the full frame quality as well as the excellent low light capabilities

Nikon D300 – for the extra reach being a DX format – with the 300mm and 2X converter it is equivalent to 900mm, with a marginal drop in image quality.

Lenses –

1. Nikon 300 mm f2.8 vr2 along with 2X Nikon 20E iii tele converter – this is my primary wildlife lens system – love it for its quality and for the fact that it is hand holdable, for short bursts of shooting, before it has to be brought down to give the arms a break. Works very well supported on a bean bag when used from a jeep.

2. Nikon 80-200 mm f2.8 lens – it has been the reliable workhorse for me for many years. Built like a tank, the optics are of excellent quality, though it has no vibration reduction.

3. Nikon 16-30 mm f4 lens – recently acquired, mostly with landscape in mind. Am still in the process of getting used to its new perspective.